Keeping in line with the style and elegance of women’s footwear, we introduce to you our Women’s Range of Hoverboard Light-Up Shoes.

With a number of styles, designs and colors to choose from, you’ll surely find a pair that delights you.

Although designed to be worn with hoverboards, you can also wear them on your next girls’ night out, hit the club or wear them casually. The choice is yours!

Every pair of shoe comes with LEDs that can light up in one or more of the 7 available colors.

But that’s not all- even the LEDs have 3 different lighting modes for that extra visual effect.

Keep it simple with the static color mode, amplify the fun with the color-changing mode or turn on the strobe mode while showing off a few dance moves – all with the touch of a button. Customization has never been this easy before!

These shoes can be charged via USB, so they can be plugged into pretty much any power source as long as you have a USB cable.