What counts as the perfect accessory for your brand new, LED-fitted hoverboard?

An equally stunning pair of LED shoes of course!

Choose from a wide variety of shoes from our huge collection as we have a pair in every color you can think of!

All our shoes have glowing battery-powered LED strips affixed to the sole, with a transparent outer covering to protect the lights against all kinds of weather conditions.

These shoes take only a couple of hours to charge fully, and can be recharged via USB, so that you can charge your shoes in your car, via a computer port or even from a portable battery pack!

The LEDs are capable of changing colors; they can light up in 7 distinct colors to be precise.

Choose the one you like in the static color mode, or turn on the strobe or color changing mode if you want multiple colors at the same time.

The three LED modes make it easy to personalize your shoes just the way you want.

A single button controls all the LED functions, which can be used to cycle between colors and LED modes.