Love our hoverboards, but need something close that resembles the iconic ‘flying skateboard’ from Back to the Future movie? We’ve got you covered with our brand new range of mono-wheel electric skateboards. With a design reminiscent of a futuristic hovering skateboard, these hybrid skateboard-hoverboards have twin wheels joined together to form a single wheel to provide you inch-perfect control while riding.

Our innovative gyroscopic technology provides you incredible balance on a single wheel, and the robust electric motor propels you to a maximum speed of 10 mph on flat streets. These hoverboards also have glowing LEDs on their either side which double up as indicators. They show the battery status and provide light to help navigate in the darkness.

We at Ultra Hoverboard always ensure that the best materials are used to build our products that also comply with international safety standards. All our one wheel hoverboards have ABS coating on their exteriors for better strength and durability.