Light up the night streets with our exciting range of Men’s Hoverboard Light-Up LED Shoes.

From stealth black to stunning gold and silver, we have shoes in every possible color!

We always use the best quality materials for our shoes to make them weatherproof, so that you can wear them irrespective of the weather outside. All our shoes are made of either mesh or synthetic leather to provide you the best of comfort and style.

The LEDs have 7 color options for you to choose from, along with 3 different LED modes for extra visual effects.

Static light mode keeps the LEDs in a single color, the color changing mode cycles between all 7 colors and the strobe mode gives a blinking effect to the LEDs.

All LED functions are controlled by a single button.

Running out of power?

Charge your shoes via the universal USB port; plug it into almost any power source that supports USB charging and get your LED shoes powered up for your next adventure.