Our Lambo hoverboards, with their striking looks and colors represent the pinnacle of personal transport. Ride them on the streets or in your backyard - others are sure to take notice of the stunning design.

Based on the supercars from the iconic Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini, these sleek and masterfully sculpted hoverboards are designed to bring to you the best of looks and performance in one single package.

We also offer a remote control with each of our Lambo Hoverboard models for your maximum convenience. Use it to lock, unlock, turn on and turn off the hoverboard from a distance.

We at Ultra Hoverboard have always prioritized quality and safety over everything else, and build our hoverboards from the ground up using the finest components. Every Lambo hoverboard goes through numerous quality checks before they are put up for sale and before packing them for shipping. We use Samsung batteries in our Lambo models as they are the safest in the market right now.


All our Lambo hoverboards comply with the international safety standards for electronic battery-powered devices.