How cool would it be if you could personalize your hoverboard with customized decals? Ultra Hoverboard offers a wide range of colorful and stylish skins to decorate your hoverboard to your heart’s content. Our selection of carefully hand-picked hoverboard skins will leave you wanting for more!

All our skins are made of high quality plastic that have better strength and durability. We use quick-setting, non-sticky adhesive in our hoverboard skins to make them easy to apply and remove when required. Every skin is designed to protect your hoverboard from scratches and dings and keep your board looking brand new, just like when you first purchased it.

Our hoverboard skins come in standard designs for widespread compatibility with almost every hoverboard. They come in modular sticker packs, which makes application of the skin even easier. Each of the sticker packs contain a portion of the skin with instructions on where to apply them, making it incredibly easy to apply them on your hoverboard.