October 07, 2016
Ultra M3 Lambo Hoverboard – The Best of Looks & Functionality Bundled Into One

If you’re in the market to buy a hoverboard, the latest sensation to hit the market, there’s a good chance for you to feel spoilt for choice. Finding a hoverboard that looks futuristic and performs equally well can be difficult, as many models lack either one of the two qualities.

But what if I told you about this cheap Lamborghini hoverboard I stumbled upon online the other day?

I found this little gem while I was researching on which hoverboard to buy with my modest budget of $300. Most good-looking ones cost nearly $500, and the ones within my budget didn’t entice me enough.

It was then that I found the Ultra M3 Lambo hoverboard, which was priced well within my budget. Its striking looks and the long list of features offered were enough to convince me that I did need to purchase it right away.

Today marks an entire month since I purchased it, and so far it has been absolutely phenomenal. The Lamborghini-inspired looks draw attention wherever I ride it to, and the performance is excellent.

Here are the features that appealed to me the most:

The slick exterior design was a reminiscent of the cars from the Italian car-maker, and the flashing LED lights added up to its futuristic look. One standout feature was the maximum range of 12 miles on a single charge, which enabled me to make short trips to the nearby stores without any worries.

Last year, battery problems plagued hoverboard sales for many manufacturers.

However, this hoverboard had a Samsung battery – arguably the safest hoverboard battery out there. The battery was further protected by a double-layer of high-grade industrial aluminum for maximum safety.

The hoverboard also came with a remote, using which I could start the hoverboard, turn it off, lock it or unlock it, without having to fumble for the power button on the hoverboard.

This was really cool as most hoverboards I saw online didn’t have one.

 Overall, it is a great product, and I expect it to serve me for a long time.

Chris Marshall