September 28, 2016
The Story of Hoverboards - From Concept to Reality


A simple idea can change our life, and perhaps this can be best depicted by the number of innovative products/devices that surround us. Computers, mobile phones and automobiles were born out of an idea. They were invented because of the level of hard work and dedication their inventors put to achieve what was once considered unattainable.

The Idea of a Hoverboard

About 27 years ago, the super hit movie ‘Back to the Future Part II’ showed its iconic protagonist travelling into the future, the year 2015 (it was 1989 back then). He was shown riding a floating skateboard, punishing the antagonist and his squad for their hilarious effronteries. The hovering skateboard, or ‘hoverboard’ as it was called, captured the imagination of the audience and the inventors alike.

Although we still might be years away from skateboards actually hovering in air, something similar was launched in 2014 and gained massively popularity – this was the hoverboard with wheels.

Hoverboards in 2016

They might not be truly floating, but these devices are the closest humanity has ever got to making a mass-produced hoverboard in real life. They are called by a multitude of names – electric two-wheeled scooter, hoverboard with wheels & electric self-balancing scooter.

Barring a few roadblocks, these hoverboards have become popular among children and adults alike. Many celebrities and powerful personalities have been seen riding them, including an instance of the U.S President, Barack Obama arriving at event on a hoverboard like the boss he is.

The Future of Hoverboards

While some will argue that ‘true’ hoverboards are still fictitious, an inventor by the name of Greg Henderson has come closest to designing a real, working hoverboard.

Yes, he has made a hoverboard (named Hendo) that glides in air, without any ground contact.

But it requires a special base to levitate and all the 10 boards that were made, each costing $10000 have been sold-out.

Although it is still far-fetched for mass production, a future where levitating hoverboards will actually replace the skateboard, like in the aforementioned movie, isn’t too far away.