September 14, 2016
The Perfect Alternative to Swagway Hoverboards

Very few products in 2016 have managed to take the world by storm like the self-balancing electric two-wheeled scooters, more commonly known as hoverboards. Redefining personal mobility in style, hoverboards are wildly popular in the U.S. at present. With the intent of serving a huge customer base, many firms began manufacturing and selling hoverboards all around the U.S.

A manufacturer that quickly established itself as a fan favorite is Swagtron. It was one of the first major players in the hoverboard market, and barring a few ups and downs, it has been largely consistent owing to its large user base. Their Swagway hoverboards are considered as one of the best in the market.

But the hoverboard market doesn’t run on monopoly; while Swagtron might be selling a bit more than other manufacturers, that doesn’t mean that there is no good alternative to Swagway.


Alternative to Swagway Hoverboards

Ultra hoverboards offer a new, worthy alternative to Swagway hoverboards – the Ultra M3 Lambo.

Looks, color choices, functionalities and safety- these hoverboards have it all.

But how much do they cost?


Let’s make an in-depth comparison between the two:

  • Body Style: For most people who are looking to purchase a new hoverboard, its looks are one of the main deciding factors.
  • While Swagway has three models available at three different price points, none of them quite match the sharp, supercar-inspired styling of the Ultra M3 hoverboards.

    Angled LEDs on the outer body, futuristic wheel rims, stylish battery indicator beside the footpads and turning indicators-M3 has all the external features found on Swagway hoverboards, but with a stylish and futuristic twist.

  • Internal Components: Every hoverboard has the same internal components, but what makes one perform better than the others is the quality.
  • While Swagway mostly uses proprietary components, M3 believes in assembling the best components available in the industry for top-notch performance without compromising on safety. All the components are made in the U.S, and high-quality batteries from Samsung are used for better performance and longer life.

    Distinct Features: Recently, Swagtron launched their newest, most expensive model and finally added a pair of Bluetooth speakers to it, something that only a few hoverboards in the market can boast of. The hoverboards of M3 belong to those few as one of their two models comes with loud Bluetooth speakers.  

    One distinct feature of M3 hoverboards is their remote control. Users can lock, unlock, set alarm and turn on/off the M3 hoverboards (both models) entirely via remote, something that Swagway is yet to offer.

    Price: Now comes the best part. With all the above mentioned features, Ultra M3 with Bluetooth with remote sells for nearly $200 less than the Swagway(swagtron) board that has bluetooth but no remote. The non-bluetooth Ultra M3 is available for under $300 and all boards from Ultra Hoverboard include free shipping.

    Ultra Hoverboard