October 13, 2016
Self-Balancing Hoverboards – The Quickest Means of Transportation for Short Distances

Driving to work was a pain, not because I lived far from work; it was because traffic in California is such that it’ll take you more than an hour to travel a mere distance of 5 miles.

There wasn’t any viable alternative to it; the metro station was too far and public buses suffered from the same fate as I did.

That was before I started using a hoverboard.

I had heard about hoverboards before, but I never gave them a serious thought.

To me, they were more of fun-gadgets rather than actual means of transportation. I found out that many of my colleagues had switched to hoverboards to tackle the traffic problem, so I decided to buy one too.

There were many types of hoverboards available online, but one particular model that caught my eye was the Lambo hoverboard that offered free shipping.

It had a radically designed exterior, and came with Bluetooth speakers and a remote control.

The hoverboard also had a range of about 9 miles, and had LED lights on its body. The site did sell other types of hoverboard, but the features offered by Lambo hoverboards along with free shipping sounded like the best deal of all.

After a few days, it finally arrived.

The box was well-wrapped and packed in multiple layers of packaging.

The box contained a user manual, a remote control, a battery charger and the hoverboard itself. It felt surprisingly heavy for its size, probably due to the internal components.

 After charging it for 2 hours, it was time to try it out. I had never ridden a hoverboard before, but the site mentioned that it takes about 5-10 minutes to learn how to ride one. I took a look at the instruction manual- tilt to the front to move forward, tilt to the back to move backwards; it sounded quite easy.

The next day, I made sure to stick to the sidewalks lest I get involved in the traffic, and within 10 minutes, I was at work!

A fellow co-worker, who also uses a hoverboard to ride to work, saw that I had finally switched my mode of transportation and gave me a high five, which I duly returned.