October 14, 2016
One Wheel Electric Skateboards – The Newest Breed of Self-Balancing Hoverboards

2015 was the year of the hoverboard, and rightly so. Although we didn’t have ‘truly floating’ hoverboards like the ones shown in the movie ‘Back to the Future Pt. II,’ no one seemed to mind riding those stylish, self-balancing, two-wheeled hoverboards that had LED lights embedded in their bodies.

All my friends had got one for themselves and pressurized me to buy one too.

I was hesitant initially, but after riding one of my friend’s hoverboards and seeing how easy it was to ride one, I finally decided to take the plunge.

As it is much easier to buy a hoverboard online than from retail stores, I researched some models on the internet.

Then I came across something unusual- A one-wheeled electric skateboard.

It was completely different from the hoverboards that were sold online; it looked more like a skateboard with a wheel in the middle than a regular hoverboard.

The balancing mechanism wasn’t different from regular hoverboards; tilt forward to move forward, tilt back to slow it down or reverse it. As easy as that!

It also had a hard-coated outer body for better protection against shocks. 

Its looks were enough to convince me that it would be the ideal hoverboard for me, so I ordered one right away.

When it arrived a few days later, it was surprisingly easy to ride as it had only one central wheel, which offered great balance.

It had LED lights around the base just like the normal hoverboards, but offered vastly different riding experience than traditional two-wheeled hoverboards.

One-wheeled hoverboards have many advantages over two-wheeled hoverboards, such as:

  • One-wheeled hoverboards have much more power as compared to two-wheeled hoverboards.
  • It is easier to navigate a one-wheeled hoverboard because it uses less area on the road.
  • The wide wheel in the center offers better ride stability than two-wheeled hoverboards.
  • They resemble the ‘true flying hoverboard’ from the movie more closely than two-wheeled hoverboards.

That is the reason why one-wheeled electric skateboards are slightly more expensive than most two-wheeled hoverboards. However, the experience they provide makes them totally worth the money. I’d highly recommend this revolutionary one-wheeled hoverboard, or the ‘electric skateboard’ as it is called.