May 27, 2016
J.Lo Uses Hoverboards On Stage in Her Vegas Act 'All I have'

J.Lo uses hoverboards on stage

Hello, fellow humans! I am writing to you from inside the world of Jennifer Lopez’s All I Have Las Vegas show—a rhinestone-studded utopia filled with hoverboards, glittering 6 trains, and wonder!

No, I have not seen All I Have for myself, and no, am I not currently in Las Vegas. But I yearn to be there right now so much, guys. I yearn for it so much that I am actually using the world “yearn.” 

Earlier today, Lopez tweeted a clip from her Las Vegas show featuring a fleet of backup dancers flitting about onstage on hoverboards. Did I mention they were riding these boards around J.Lo herself singing her classic 2001 hit “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”? Did I also mention that they were decked out in glittering silver blazers, carrying trays with bedazzled hearts on top? Or that Jenny from the Block was wearing what I think is a lavaliere, but one that covers her entire body? Well then.

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