October 20, 2016
Important Components That Power a Lamborghini Hoverboard

Hoverboards are self-balancing devices that automatically detect the direction in which you are leaning. The motors in the hoverboard accelerate towards the direction of change, keeping the board balanced.

This is how hoverboards normally work, by making use of pressure pads that shift the weight between the toes and heels.

Lamborghini hoverboards with Bluetooth do look different, but utilize the same working principle as most other hoverboards.

Hoverboards use electric motors, hence don’t produce any audible noise.

This makes it difficult to determine when the motor is running at its full capacity and when it is not.

The two most important components that keep the Lamborghini hoverboard with Bluetooth running are the motor and the battery.

Both the components are discussed below in greater detail:


The hoverboard’s motors are embedded inside the wheels itself. It doesn’t require much power to move on a flat ground at a constant speed.

The power consumed during steady cruise on a flat surface is about 200W. But when you hit a bump on the ground, or try to accelerate or stop quickly, the power consumed by the electric motors surge as high as 500W-1000W. This power consumed by the hoverboard is needed to continue smooth, uninterrupted operation.

There are many models that come with either a 250W motor or a 500W motor on each side.

It is always preferable to check how much power each of the two electric motors provide, and choose the ones with higher power output.


Every hoverboard has rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, but some offer better performance than others.

A hoverboard’s battery must provide enough power to handle the sudden power surges required by the motor. Even if a motor is capable of delivering power as high as 1000W, a weak battery can limit its performance.

Battery performance depends on the weight of the rider.

A lightweight rider, under 120 lbs. won’t have any noticeable effect that a heavy rider above 150 lbs. will have.

Hence hoverboards with better quality batteries are necessary for optimum power delivery, regardless of the weight of the user.

Hence, a Lamborghini hoverboard with Bluetooth uses certified batteries from Samsung for better performance and efficiency.