June 20, 2016
Buy a Hoverboard Online in USA

Searching for a Hoverboard to buy online can be a difficult task if you don’t know what you’re looking for.  A quick google search for hoverboards will pull up listings for hoverboards ranging from $99 up to over $1,000 and all will look similar in appearance.  Most of the differences between hoverboards are on the inside of the board where the battery, motherboard, motors and sensors are located.  Unless you know what specs to look for, you’ll have a hard time determining a good Hoverboard from a bad one.

Buying a High Quality Hoverboard Online

We’ve seen all types of hoverboards and we’ve carefully inspected our own boards.  The single most common thing we’ve found among cheap and unsafe hoverboards is the quality of wiring on the inside of the board, as well as the quality of the parts used to assemble the board.  A quick way to determine if a board may possibly be cheap or unsafe is to open the case and glance at the insides.  Even if you don’t know what any of it is, you can still easily judge the neatness of the wiring.  A good board will have neatly packed wires and the parts will look like good quality materials.  It’s not a 100% accurate way to assess a board but it can give you a good idea without fully dissecting the board.

Hoverboards Made in China but Shipped from USA

Although many hoverboards are shipped from the USA, they are all made overseas, mostly in China. This is completely fine and that alone should not deter you from purchasing a Hoverboard online because going into a retail store to pay double or triple the price will still offer you the same board that you can buy online for a fraction of the cost.

Ultra Hoverboard Quality Inspection Process

At Ultra Hoverboard, we not only have our boards quality checked at the factory when they are built, but we also inspect each board by hand right before we ship them out.  Each board is taken out of the box and turned on and tested by one of our Hoverboard experts to make sure it rides smoothly.  The Bluetooth connectivity is tested as we pair the Hoverboard to an iPhone and then we package each board back into it’s original box.  We have a 99.9% quality rating for our boards and we offer the largest selection online.