October 07, 2016
6 Reasons Why Should You Buy a Hoverboard

If you live in California (or any other part of the U.S for that matter), you might have seen people zipping around on flashy two-wheeled ‘things’ that somehow magically keep themselves balanced. Known as ‘hoverboards’, these two-wheeled scooters have become popular all around America.

 In case you’re thinking if you should buy a hoverboard or not, we give you 6 reasons to get one:

 1. Personal Transportation Redefined

Hoverboards aren’t just for showing off; they have practical applications too. With cruising speeds of up to 10-15 mph and range upwards of 9 miles, they are great for travelling short distances. You’ll never have to walk to the nearby grocery store again!

 2. Easy To Use

Learning anything new takes some time, but in case of hoverboards, it is not so. You can learn to ride one within 10 minutes as they are easy to control. Ride it a few times and you’ll soon master how to navigate one.

 3. Fun To Use

If you’ve ever climbed onto a hoverboard, you cannot deny how much fun it is to ride one. Easy controls make riding one a breeze which adds to the fun element. Moving fast without much effort has never been this thrilling!

 4. Celebrities are using them!

You know hoverboards are the hottest gadget of 2016 when you see celebrities using them. Jamie Foxx, John Legend, Justin Bieber and even the Hon’ble President of the U.S, Barack Obama has been seen riding a hoverboard.

Justin Bieber with Hoverboard

 5. Showing Off

Show your friends who’s cooler by getting a hoverboard for yourself. Or you can convince your friends to buy one for themselves and roll out in a squad. Either way, hoverboards will make heads turn in public.

 6. Eco-Friendly

Hoverboards run on electric motors, so don’t give out smoke that can cause pollution. Ultra-portability makes it an easy choice over motor cycles for short distance rides. Almost every hoverboard is built on an aluminum frame, and hence can be easily recycled.
Chris Marshall