September 27, 2016
4 Distinct Features To Look Out For In a Hoverboard

Almost every hoverboard in the market has more or less the same internal configurations. The only differences in the countless models available in the market are their exterior designs and the quality of materials used to manufacture the hoverboards.

However, there are a handful of nifty features that are not usually found in most hoverboards. 

Today, we’ll see the different features to look out for in a hoverboard:


While the remote can’t actually move the hoverboard all by itself, you can perform quite a few tasks with the remote control. These functions include turning on/off the hoverboard, setting up an alarm and locking/unlocking the hoverboard. Some expensive models also allow controlling the LED lights via remote.

The remote has a standard range similar to TV remote controls.

A person has to bend down and work with the buttons on a hoverboard to access its various functions. With a remote control, one can access the functions without having to de-board the hoverboard.

Hoverboard Remote

Bluetooth Speakers

Many hoverboards come with Bluetooth speakers that can play music on the move. They can easily pair up with smartphones via Bluetooth and play music from the phone’s playlists. Connecting and disconnecting is smooth as once paired, the hoverboard will automatically connect with the smartphone when in range (provided the phone isn’t connected to any other Bluetooth device).


LED Indicators

Almost every hoverboard has a set of LED lights that help riders find their way in the dark. While LED lights are commonplace, LED indicators are not as common in hoverboards. They are primarily used to indicate battery status, internal temperature status, gyroscope calibration status and power indicator.

While many models have battery indicators, the remaining indicators are found only in the high-end hoverboards.

Hoverboard with LED lights

Inflatable Tires

Hoverboards usually have solid rubber tires, but some models that have wheels about 8-10 inches in diameter do come with inflatable tires for better control. They can glide over small bumps, unlike regular hoverboards that require fully flat surfaces to work properly.